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In Todays time, We arent the only ones suffering from supply chain shortages. Increased popularity of the Cummins engines for repowers and swaps, along with our growing customer bases due to our outstanding reputation for quality. When the supply dwindles and the demand surges sometimes We do not have engines or common transmissions ready to sell. When this happens We implement the waiting list. When a customer is ready to place an order in these times, They have the option of paying a deposit to be placed on the list. Typically if it is $500 and customers are placed in the order they paid.  After payment is made we have 30 days to get that item in that will be specified on your invoice. Most ordered are fulfilled in 2 weeks, but things do happen. At the end of 30 days, if we still for some un-forseen reason dont have your item in yet, We will give you an update for your particular situation and give you the option for a refund of your deposit or for us to keep looking. 

KEEP IN MIND, This is for the general range we sell engines for, if you have a special requirement, it will fall under special order terms listed HERE

​972-984-2605-US ONLY