This is what a normal run test video looks like. Some our done in the truck. Other engines are run on a test stand, depending on what vendor they are coming from. However either way, the same run test is done by our technicians while videoing it so you can see the same thing we do, when making a judgement call on an engine.

Things that are tested

* Blowby- if the cap isnt blown off by excessive crankcase pressure, it passes

* Start up oil pressure- Anything above 50psi on a Ppump and ISB Non Commonrail, and 40psi on a VE or Common rail will pass.

*Excessive exhaust smoke-We are looking for an unusual amount of exhaust smoke. Nearly every engine will have a very faint haze on cold start, with it just being the nature of the beast, We are looking for a very large amount of white or blue smoke from internal mechanical problems

* knocking noises- Obviously No one wants a knocking or clanking engine.

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Finally our engines are wrapped in Thick shrink wrap plastic, with a highly absorbent fabric beneath  to stop any chance of residual fluids leaking into crate. Once packed in the crate, and secured, the adapter plate with starter is placed on top and also is wrapped.

Below is what the engines typically look like once they are pulled from the truck with no cleaning, degreasing or stripping. 

So you are interested in buying an engine from us? Below has an example of a run test video and how we go about checking our engines, along with the cleaning process and samples of the type of pictures you get along the way. All our engines are sold complete UNLESS specifically noted on certain engines

Below is what the engines look like after they are cleaned, degreased, stripped and the high heat protective coating is applied to bare parts. We use  a high pressure 4000PSI cold washer followed by an industrial grade chemical degreaser to remove as much dirt, grease and grim as possible off the engine. There is an average of 4 cycles of wash, soak wash to get the engines as clean as possible. After this, each engine is checked over with a small scraper and wire wheel to catch any areas of buildup that may still remain. After this, the engine is blown off with high pressure compressed air and a thin coating of a high temperature protective coating is sprayed over any exposed metal area. This prevents rust from building up while sitting and protects the surfaces of the engine. 


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