So you are interested in purchasing from us? Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions for international buyers


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What is the process? Once you’re ready to purchase, and we send your invoice you will make your payment to us typically for your engine(or other parts if ordered), ispm15 crate, prep, cleaning and domestic shipping within the US to the freight forwarding terminal. For international shipping, you will pay the freight forwarder directly and cost depends on the port you are shipping to. . Once your shipment is scheduled to leave our shop, we will email the freight forwarder and copy you with your paperwork, and they will contact you directly for further direction on scheduling your international shipping.

How is payment made?  ALL INTERNATIONAL paymets Can be made with OFX wire transfer. We will send an invoice that is itemized along wiring information.


How long is shipping? Once you have placed your order and payment is made, we have a 10-14 business day handling time to pull, prep and clean your shipment. This time frame allows us to ship multiple orders from our warehouse out to the freight forwarders terminal, saving our customers money with shipping discounts. Once it has left our shop, transit time to the freight forwarding terminal within the US is about 7 business days. At this time Reps have told us, they try to send a container every 4-6 weeks. Ocean transit time is 35 days. We have no control over time at customs or time waiting to load the next container.

What is a special order? When placing a special order, you are ordering an engine or transmission outside of our base engines/trans combos we normally offer, or you are requesting a specific year( I need a 98), model(I need an engine that was Auto), or Pump( i need a 215HP or 180HP). engine/trans that will need to be located specifically due to your request. When placing a special order, we require a deposit of $500-$2000USD depending on your specific request. This fee is in addition to your invoice total. If you decide to place a special order, you will pay your deposit up front and we will locate your requested unit. We have 45 days from the date of deposit payment to locate your unit. We typically find specified units within 10-12 business days. If we do not locate your unit within 45 days, you have the option to have us continue our search, or we will refund your deposit. Otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable. MORE INFO HERE: Special Orders

Do you warranty your engines?  All our engines are sold AS-IS, However we do guarantee that you are purchasing the engine in the video we send. You see exactly what we see and make the decision based off of that.  We don't get history on our engines, so you will base your decision off what you see in the video, just like our techs do when running the engine first hand. Read how we test our engines for further info HERE

 What about ​Customs? Tex star International is not an import or customs broker. We have no part in the process of clearing or controlling customs. Any cost associated with this the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All associated documents, fees and charges are between the purchaser and freight forwarder and their affiliates.
There may be certain events that are beyond the reasonable control that could not have been prevented by our exercise of due diligence such as acts of God, acts of any governmental authority, accidents, labor strikes, etc. If we are unable to carry out, in whole or part, our obligations under this agreement that may result in interruptions of service due to such an event, we will give you notice and provide full details of the event in writing as soon as practicable after the occurrence of the event. During this period, our obligations will be suspended to the extent required.

Freight forwarders: Tex Star  International does not have an affiliation with any shipping company and does not receive any type of reimbursement or commission for shipping with one company over another. Rates for international shipping are quoted directly from info received from the representatives for that company.  With this in mind shipping rates do fluctuate with many variables such as Time of year (fumigation for certain bugs), Overall crate size (engine vs engine plus other parts), and overall weight(engine and trans combos). We will happily provide contact info if you would like to verify or ask any questions for yourself. Once it has been picked up from our shop, by the freight carrier, and is accepted at delivery by the freight forwarder and their affiliates, we are no longer responsible for your shipment and have no control over it at all.