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From time to time we get many requests from our customers that will have certain requirements for what exactly they are looking.  For example, certain HP requirement or year requirement when dealing with emissions. The most common being 215hp rated or certain year model like a 98. The issue arises here is engines are sold as 94-98 as for all practical and fitment issues, they are all generally the same with only minor changes to things like dipstick, fuel filter housing, and power steering pump outlets.  When someone orders a 94-98 Ppump 12 valve engine from us, it could be any trans, any pump rating. The issue comes as if you could order what ever you wanted for the same price, Wouldnt everyone want a 98 215hp 12 valve which at the same time is the hardest to find most expensive 12v that we sell. If we sold them at the same price then that is the only engine anyone would ever want, leaving us with a majority of our other engines sitting unwanted. That is where the special order Upcharge comes in. If someone wants a 215hp rated truck, that means we can only find a 96-98 year model DODGE, and it will have to be from a manual transmission. This severely limits what we can get in and would force us to pass over closer engines at better prices,  in order to find one that suits their needs. The upcharge is needed for the difference in price We are now required to pay for the exact part that suits Our customers needs. Prices vary depending on what the request is, but generally starts at $500. Send us an email Today for more info.

What is a "special order"? 

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