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Step 6:  This step can be done at any time, but right now would be the perfect time to pull in the input shaft retainer  and snapring. Remove the 4-10mm bolts, then gently pry off the retainer with a flathead. Then remove the larger snapring so the inputshaft can be removed.

Step 8: Once it has been split, remove the snap ring for the front output drive gear. Once the snap ring is pulled, the gear, chain, and output shaft can all be pulled out evenly as a unit.

Step 5: 94-97 only, you will need to remove both snap rings on the speedo drive gear. After they are removed, sometimes it can be hard to get off but a chisel and hammer with VERY gentle taps

Step 7: To save time, you will pull the oil pump as a complete unit. Once you go to seperate case halves, you will gently slide the oil pump off the output shaft. You do not have to pull it apart as seen in the picture below. This was due to internal damage of the transfer case that our Tech was working on. 

Step 3: ONLY APPLIES TO 94-97 Dodge, In this picture the retainer is already removed. Remove the single bolt and pull the speedometer sensor straight out. NOTE : sensor most go back in with the same orientation

Step 10: Remove the large outer retaining snap ring , by prying under the lip with a flathead then working the snap ring out. After that, you can pull the entire planetary and input assembly out

Step 11: Remove the input shaft bearing snapring with external snap ring pliers. Then use a flathead to work out the internal snap ring that holds the input shaft into the planetary assembly.


Step one: Remove the 4-15mm bolts on the rear tailhousing. Then take a mallet and tap it to break it loose.

Step Two: After tail is out of the way, remove the external snap ring that holds the output shaft in the bearing

Step 9:  Once everything is out of the way, you will gently lift out the range selector arm, along with  the High/Low hub in the center.

This guide is intended to help

our customers change from 23 spline to a 29 spline count transfer case for a manual trans swap in the Dodge cummins trucks. The only tool that is slightly out of the ordinary is snap ring pliers, which can be picked up for about $20 from most tool stores 

​972-984-2605-US ONLY

Step 4: After remove of the snap ring on the output shaft, and the speedo sensor, if it applies. Then remove the 4-15mm bolts on each corner of the rear bearing support housing.


Now just replace the input shaft with your new unit and reassemble.

For some years there is 2 different bearing sizes for the same 29 spline input if you are having issues with yours fitting, match up with your old bearing and go from there. Upon reassembly, just keep everything clean.

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