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DIY guide to 98-2002 24v Cummins stand alone wiring.

Helpful Tips

​​Engine harness plugs at firewall plugs for ECM stand alone wiring     

This section is for running the engine stand alone  via the factory ECM on the side of the block. We have tested both Auto and manual trans ECMS and in standalone We did not observe  any issues with the units we tested even with an auto ECM with a manual trans behind it. If you have the option, start splicing into the wiring, on the firewall side of the plugs, if you have both sides. That way you can disconnect the engine harness and not have to undo all the sensors and plugs for service or removal. Also if it is ever damaged, replacement is easy. Leave everything plugged in to the engine from the factory harness. There are plenty of extra ports for coolant temp sensor (½ npt port under the water neck by alternator) and oil pressure sensor ( ⅛ npt port on side of block, in front of ECM)

  • When troubleshooting ANY issues, always check your grounds first. The ECM, PCM, and APPS are all very sensitive. Loose and dirty grounds cause all sorts of issues.
  • Once the engine has been installed and you begin wiring, if you have any concerns with your wiring causing a no start, power the injection pump directly bypassing the ECM and other wiring to get the engine running in order to verify the running condition of truck. This is done by connecting all the grounds and applying 12v to the slightly larger red with green tracer wire (be sure to use a fuse). You should hear a slight click, this is the fuel shut off solenoid opening up allowing the truck to start.
  • You will use most circuits with the factory harness, but with that being said make sure to seal and secure any non-used circuits/wires to avoid excess wiring crossing over and grounding out within the PCM circuit."

Our Team has spent countless hours compiling this info to assist those completing a swap. If you need further assistance a nominal flatrate fee of $145 will be assessed for personalized troubleshooting via email. Please send the payment to admin@texstarntx.com Via paypal, and in the notes please put your contact email address for a tech to contact you for trouble shooting assistance NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

Engine/Trans Harness wiring to keep 47re

This page is for those choosing to keep the 47re trans and pcm to make it function with the engine without the need of an aftermarket controller. The plug mentioned below C130, is a large white plug, that would have plugged into the fuse block. Cut it off and start your wiring from there out. NOTICE: There is anti theft on these year trucks. I will add all the info We currently know about the different PCMS to help with anyone trying to work through this. From the vast research we have done there are 3 different ‘levels” of PCMs in the 98-2002 dodge trucks being base, highline, and premium. Highline and premium have anti theft that will prevent the ECM from running when the proper signal is not relayed from the CTM (central timer module) to the PCM over the CCD data bus. After trying about 15 different PCMS to find one that works. We found that the base model ( manual windows, manual locks) does not have anti theft issues. An easy way to identify this, is the models with overhead consoles, will have anti theft feature. We are still in the research phase on flashing programing, but there is a few ways to get around this. Please contact us if you come across this issue. A sign of anti theft problems with everything wired is truck with start for about 2 seconds, then shut off. We suggest anytime you are working on initial wiring, That you apply power to the injection pump directly as described on tips page  to ensure your fuel system is primed an functioning.

Leave everything plugged in to the engine from the factory harness. There are plenty of extra ports for coolant temp sensor (½ npt port under the water neck by alternator) and oil pressure sensor ( ⅛ npt port on side of block, in front of ECM)

Current list of PCMs with no anti theft 

98-99: 56040199aa


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This is meant as a helpful guide to assist our customers and fellow Cummins enthusiasts, sort through and tackle the job of wiring up a 98-2002 24v vp44 Cummins diesel engine. This guide shows both engine only and engine/ trans wiring to run the factory 47re transmission. This transmission has many positives with the major benefits including: Economical to upgrade for higher horsepower, no expensive adapters needed just to bolt it up and easy to locate in most areas. This guide has numerous hours of hands-on research to simplify the process of keeping only the required wiring and eliminating the unneeded circuits. This main focus of this was to keep it as simple as possible so even a beginner in the conversion world, would have no problems following along.